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Versailles, KY Farms for Sale

View Versailles Horse Farms available in Versailles, Kentucky. Kentucky's Bluegrass Region is known for its excellent soil and world class horse rearing. The extra calcium in the soil makes horses stronger and heartier. Versailles sits just 13 miles west of Lexington, Horse Capital of the World, and Versailles is an excellent choice for a horse farm. Whether you're looking for an established farm with a large, luxury house on it, or open land to start your own venture, Versailles has something for every interest. Versailles is a small town with lots of historic charm, and residents have access to local amenities, a stable housing market and a low cost of living. If you're interested in horse farming in Central Kentucky, contact The Riddell Smith Group for more information about Versailles Horse Farms and Horse Farms in the Lexington area.


Farms for Sale in Versailles, KY