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Five Best Horse Farms on the Market in Central Kentucky

Joe Riddell, originally published February 20, 2016

Joe Riddell - Horse Farm Real Estate in Kentucky

I was asked “What are the 5 BEST FARMS ON THE MARKET in Central Kentucky to raise a sound equine athlete?”

What my over 45 years of experience in the thoroughbred industry has taught me is that the best high-phosphatic soils and mineralized ground water are found here in the Bluegrass region. Mother nature has blessed us here in Central Kentucky with what developing horses need for strong bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc. Not all farms in the Inner Bluegrass Region have these soils or available ground water, the vast majority don’t. It is very, very important that you know everything about the farms that you are considering to purchase, especially the soils and water supply.

The following is my list of the best farms on the market from smallest to largest and my thoughts about them.

1. LIBERTY FARM – MLS# 1624701, 127 acres located at 3945 Leestown Rd, near Midway. Excellent soils and ground water source. Part of the original Stockwood Farm where at least two Ky. Derby winners were raised.

2. SILVER SPRINGS STUD – MLS# 1619564, 200 acres located at 690 Brentsville Rd. in Bourbon County. “Classic” horse soils and one of the largest springs in Central Kentucky (NEVER goes dry). Farm is located in the middle of an area that is known for raising Champions.

3.  DAVIS FARM – MLS# 1622206, 278 acres located at 2801 Elkchester Rd. less than 1.5 miles from Keeneland.  By far the best undeveloped property for horses with great high-phosphatic soils and abundant ground water.. Adjacent to the internationally successful standardbred nursery – BRITTANY FARM.

4. DIAMOND A FARM – MLS# 1521070, 522 acres located at 1 Steele Rd. in Woodford county. The construction of this farm in the 1980s was supervised by Kentucky Hardboot – Ted Carr, one of the best horseman I’ve ever met. He knew how to develop a farm to raise a sound horse. Outstanding soils and the potential ground water on a farm that has already raised Champions.

5. HIGHLAND FARM & KILFLYNN FARM – MLS# 1626661 & 1702184, Total of 692 acres located at 2001 and 1855 Winchester Rd. in Bourbon County. These two farms where once part of STONE FARM where ARTHUR HANCOCK raised Champions and Derby winner Gato Del Sol. Great high-phosphatic soils (there are mineral licks on these farms where horses actually eat the dirt) and numerous ground water sources make these two farms as-good-as-it-gets for raising sound equine athletes.

Joe Riddell



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